Muscovy keepers share your pics!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by keeperofthehearth, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Tracy, i`m looking forward seeing some pics of them growing up and coloring...!!
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    Heeeey Guys!! Sorry, Computer crashed, so I couldn't update on the wonders of the fair!! Weeeeeeelll... I wound up not taking Sam, because his wings were coming in funny. so instead, I rustled up a little tyke I like to call "Kenny" after Big Kenny Alphin from the band Big'n'Rich, because Big Kenny always wears a tophat, and well... Here's my kenny: [​IMG] y'all get it now?
    and Naughty is still Kenny's dad...
    [​IMG] So i took Kenny and Kate, and Naughty to fair. Kenny merely was a muscovy young drake, and seeing as Naughty was very well behaved, I brought him up for showmanship. In the pressure, I forgot the info I wanted to tell the judge, Like "Their name comes from the word Musco Duck, meaning mosquito duck because they eat mosquitoes" and "they are a treedwelling bird" . But the judge was still amazed that i brought a duck of his size (a duck in general actually!!) for showmanship!! I got a white, because I couldn't turn him around to get him out head first. buuuut... thats fine. better luck next year!! ;) here's a quick pic of me, the judge, and Naughty. the funny thing was, for the breed class, the judge looked at me and said: "I cannot believe you are carrying this bird up to the table." He was massive. I put him at like 15 pounds!!
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    Naughty gets around doesn't he? LOL and He looks so well behaved there in the pic. not naughty at all. great pic and Congrats on Ribbon.
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    Haven't posted here in a while but here is an update we hatched out 5 Muscovy babies 3 blacks and 2 blues! And we have show extremely well over the last show season
    We won at our 4H shows 4 champion WF and 3 Reserve WF 1 BIS and 1 RIS and at the York open show we won champion JR WF and champion heavy and standard duck in the open show. Sussex County Poultry Fanciers show which is an open youth show and adult show we won champion and reserve champion heavy Duck and standard duck in the open show out of 70 standard ducks in the youth show we won champion and reserve champion heavy duck standard duck, duck, and waterfowl out of 45 junior WF and Reserve Super Grand Champion of the Junior show with our black Hen out of 300 junior birds!!!!!!!
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    Wow that is Awesome!! Congrats on all.. now start with the pics [​IMG]
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    Pics of all my new babies I've hatched out the last 24 hrs
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    I love all the different colors!
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    One of them I thought was all black but now that he's dry he's dark brown from bill to toes! Has anyone ever had one like him??

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