Muscovy laying eggs but not sitting on them


Mar 30, 2018
I have 3 females and 1 drake. This is my first time having ducks and they just started laying. We are up to 17 eggs but I have not seen her sit on them. She made a nice nest for them in the duck house and lays the eggs there every night. There have been 2 new eggs in the morning last few days. I haven’t seen them sitting on the eggs at all though. Is she (or they) still not done laying? Should I wait or remove them? We do want babies so I don’t want to take them if they will hatch.


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My girls share nests all the time. I always leave the eggs to pile up so my girls build their fluff nest. Once the fluff nest is built, I swap out the old eggs with freshly collected eggs. I also keep track of when the female starts staying on the nests over night and day. I have cameras in my coops that record all movement. They are connected to WiFi so I can check on them from the house. My ducks prefer a dark place out of the light and far away from all my other ducks to nest. I suggest marking all the eggs in the nest so when they do finally decide to set, you can remove old ones and replace them.

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