Muscovy processing experience and question

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Copied and pasted from chat out of desperation to get the kids from school

    [4:00:24] SandraMort: OK, here's the order of events.
    [4:00:36] SandraMort: We bled him out yesterday night and ran out of time just before sundown.
    [4:00:47] SandraMort: I brought him home, tossed him in the freezer and took him out today
    [4:01:17] SandraMort: Attempted to skin him, attempted to bone the breasts and remove the leg thigh quarters. Learned that my knives aren't sharp enough. Remembered how clumsy I am.
    [4:01:48] SandraMort: After removing as much of the meat as I could, I saw lots left on the frame that would be good for stock if I could eviscerate it
    [4:02:26] SandraMort: Went into the abdomen and without actually puncturing anything, noticed that I had busted the gall bladder (the green thing by the liver) while removing the meat on the outside.
    [4:02:39] SandraMort: I THINK the rest is trash... right?
    [4:03:56] SandraMort: OK, so, is the frame trash? I know the meat I cut off BEFORE opening the cavity is safe

    I've got the frame with innards in a bag in the fridge and will read when I get home!!! Thanks!
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    Jul 7, 2008
    breeder (mentor) says to toss it [​IMG]

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