muscovys boys/ girls & what color


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Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
Scovies are very quiet.... both boys and girls. No quacking fm these two.... the girls have a sweet coo, chirp and the boys will hiss and huff. How old are these two? They look pretty young yet. At about 4-6wks old you should be better able to tell the hens fm the drakes. The drakes will have really big feet and start outgrowing the girls a lot. The drakes end up being twice the size of the females. Also, the drakes will begin to develop their caruncles sooner and will have more.
Cute ducklings by the way.


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May 20, 2011
i agree with keeperofthehearth muscovys are great i live on 800m2 and breed to show my birds i have 21 birds at the moment and the neighbers dont even know i have them keep on top of housekeeping and there will be no problems . mick

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