Mushy Chick Disease???


Apr 16, 2017
Hi everyone,
2 chicken eggs hatched under my pheasant by accident (sometime today, probably a couple of hours ago) and I'm pretty sure one of them has the "Mushy Chick Disease." The eggs were under a pheasant who has been sitting non-fertile eggs of her own for almost a month and a half now. Honestly, I'm almost completely new to raising baby chicks, but I'm almost certain this is what she has. While one chick pretty alert, the chick I'm worried about rarely opens its eyes, and when it does it usually just falls back to sleep. It hasn't eaten yet, and its butt/ midsection is bloody, looks a little swelled. Is this a Mushy Chick? Is there any way to treat it? Do I need to separate the chick from the other one? I don't know what to do:(
UPDATE: Chicks also have little almost microscopic bugs crawling around on them, mostly near their heads... What do I do??????
If it was a chicken I would say it just hatched a little early and the blood is from the umbilical. check to make sure the bleeding is stopped. If not add a little corn starch on it. It would be tired/weak for the same reason but it just hatched so you can expect it to be tired. I THINK you might need to use something else for the mites but i dont know. edit, ohh it is chicken. the bulge you see is unabsorbed yolk. as long as its inside the stomach and not hanging out you should be ok.
UPDATE: A third chick hatched from the same nest and seems to be doing very well. I was able to get rid of the mites, but the mushy chick is still looking bad. Her eyes are still almost always closed, and nearly always sleeping... she seems to be getting worse almost. Her butt still looks red, but when I picked her up I noticed some yolk on her butt as well... is this common of a premature chick? Will Sav-A-Chic help any?
Thanks so much again!
I am not sure. The yolk busted she robably wont make it but who knows. I would put some antibiotic ointment on it, the kind that dont have the cains (pain reliever) that is toxic. It needs vitamins lLike poly-vi-sol without iron. There is another for chickens. Im not remembering the name.
Depending on how and where your taking care of them.... put neosporin on the redness, but leave the yolk alone... If you have a warm place to put them, I would get a container where its high enough the other chicks cant get in it or walk on the poor baby... I'd use a clean washcloth or t towel for softness... make sure temp is about 90 and check to make sure its not to hot or cold for chick.... also get a clean dropper, and add water to it, and just let the water drip onto its beak, and see if you can get some water down them...
and like granny said some poly vi sol without iron... we only put liquid on the tip of the beaks this young... I don't know what everyone else would do.... but this is what we do... sometimes they make it somtimes they don't.... good luck..
Thanks so much for your replies. Unfortunately, the pictures I take don't load for whatever reason. I put her in her sepate container on top of a soft towel, under the brooding lamp of course. I'm trying to give her the drops of water, no luck so far. I also went through my cabinet to see if I had any antibiotics for chicks, all I have is "VetRx for Poultry" and a yellow powder called "tetroxy" which I'm pretty sure is an anibiotic. Would any of this help?
just be careful you don't let her get to hot....since she can't go in an out of the heat on her own.... if she's to hot, she will probably look like she's gasping for air, to cold, gee I don't know when she's not moving about... maybe someone else has an idea...
I honestly dont know about giving her antibiotics at so little... maybe someone else can help with that too... I hope...! I just make sure she's safe, warm, out of the way of siblings, and try to get water down her.... and some poli vi sol without IRON....

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