Must have been coccidiosis ! Transfer from another farm/ coop possible........

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    Aug 22, 2016
    I had posted a few times- my eater egger was ill and had been showing signs which seem to have a couple different possibilities....but she's great now, and if it had been egg binding, she wouldn't be, as no egg was passed. And she has clearly responded to the corid.

    So of course now I want to prevent this again..........I am a decent keeper of cleanliness In the coop, but obviously something happaened....I wanted to add that I had recently visited a friends chicken coop to see her set up, and "tour" her barn area, wearing the same boots I wear to work in my coop and yard area. I read that it's possible their "normal" chicken bacteria can be transferred in this way, making my chickens ill, as it's not what they are naturally immune to.
    (And vice versa so I need to check in with her).

    Obviously I can't be sure how she got it but I will disinfect my boots before and after visiting another place.

    Coincidentally I do think my EE is also getting ready to lay her fisrt egg, which I think can go on for days or longer.......squatting, bright red face and comb. But he drastic improvement after a couple days on the corid tells me it was most likely cocci.

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    How old is the EE? From what I understand, coccidia are present nearly everywhere and older birds are rarely affected as long as they are healthy and have a good immune system.
  3. Hi, welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Cocci are present in every single chicken poo. It only becomes a problem when there is an overgrowth of it, which usually takes place in warm, humid conditions like that of a brooder. While it is most present in young birds it can happen to older birds, sometimes associated with the weather. It is usually presented as standing around, puffed up, and sleeping a lot. There are 9 types of which only 1 will present as blood in the feces. It can be verified by a fecal float at any vet. Oh, and takes about 6 days to start showing symptoms from exposure.

    Her improvement may be from the Corid, or whatever she had may be passing and have nothing at all to do with the Corid. Hard to say since you didn't do a float. Corid by the way... is a thiamine blocker and starves out the cocci to slow it's growth... doesn't actually kill it and isn't an antibiotic.

    No matter how much of a decent keeper you are, things can and will still happen. I am a decent keeper also, but have had to treat for lice as they are a natural part of the environment. Being a good keeper does help to limit things though! By being aware we can head things off before they become an infestation or danger to our birds.

    Good looking out! Maybe next time a float?

    Glad she is doing better!
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    Aug 22, 2016
    She is 21 weeks. My two older girls seem fine but treating anyway.
  5. Yes, it's good to treat the whole flock if you need to treat for something like that.

    I'm not convinced it was cocci, unless you are having a bunch of warm rain...

    But treating with Corid won't hurt them. I am unsure if there is an egg withdrawal time from it.

    Did you want to describe the symptoms you actually saw to see if we have any input regarding the possibilities?

    Note that although I don't think cocci was what transferred between your place and your friends... there are other bacteria and viruses that very well could be. Not to be alarming just to say yes your original thought about things transferring that don't have immunity built that are completely natural was a correct thought. Thing is even if you ask your friend... these are microscopic and she wouldn't even know what may or may not be there because her chickens are resistant to it. Of course asking if she sees symptoms of anything won't hurt.

    Glad your girl is doing better whatever it was. And yes, it does sound like your EE will be delivering you some pretty eggs very soon! [​IMG]

    Pics always welcome! [​IMG]

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