Mutt's this Spring or Summer? What would I get if I...

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  1. hatched out the Andalusian roo mated w/RIR hen?
    hatched out the Andalusian roo mated w/BLRW?
  2. a buncha mutts I suppose. I dont think anyone can accurately predict what you'll get when you are crossing breeds like that. You'll just have to hatch them out and see I bet.
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    Jul 19, 2008
    Quote:The RIR will produce black chicks or blue chicks. When the birds get older the males will leak non-black or non-blue in the pyle zone ( hackles, back, saddles) the females will be black or blue and some may leak non-black.

    The same will be true for the wyandotte.

    The andalusian usually carries a gene called extnded black which is dominant over the wheaten allele (RIR) or the brown allele (BLRW). The andalusian also carries genes that extend or intensify black. An example of a gene that extends black is melanotic.

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