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May 18, 2011
Really these only cost me $1 and my husbands time. We needed feeders in my new breeding pens so this is what we came up with.

First my hubby made these cradles (I will get diagrams if needed)

He made it to fit these $1 storage bins for one of those Dollar stores. We screwed it to the breeding pen doors.

We cut 4" PVC pipe to fit the door, taped them together and THEN drilled a pilot hole for the screws.

We then used a spacer to hold the pipe up so the feed would fall. Oh yeah... we stapled the bin to the wood and cut the lip off the bin in the back so it would lay flush to the wall. If you use two things for your spacer stagger them it make it easier to get out.

One suggestion, put the pilot hole lower than we did about a 1/2 inch would do.

Fill them up!

and add a cap.... Ok now that I think about it these cost $0.99 each so really this cost $3 dollars so to miss lead you.... I forgot.

We have some issues to overcome, one they are slinging feed all over. Wire helped in another pen so we will try it here too. We also seem to have a major leak in one or two pens have to get that fixed asap. I think they will be fine after that.

Hope this helps!
They look great
Perhaps if you put the lid back on and cut holes only big enough for them to feed through (a couple of inches). This should stop them from sweeping their heads back and forth.

I did think of that when we bought them, I don't have a good way to cut the holes for the 4 pvc pipe and feed holes. Plastic is harder to cut than you think. I have tried paddle bits, they will crack the plastic. I have also had chickens with their combs cut using those holes. I think the easyiest thing is to use the plastic poultry netting. I can cut a bigger hole for them to eat through. I may try the top, maybe I can cut it in half and then cut holes to eat through. Thanks
i saw something today that gave me an idea... I'm useing the 2x4 welded wire on the ends of my pen, and several birds had their heads thru the wire to drink from a pan that caught some rain water. (theirs is clean but apparently rain water tastes better).

how about using that type of wire (vertical holes) and put the feed on the OUTSIDE of the pens?

btw, these were my dorkings putting their heads thru. large birds, and fairly huge combs. no damage to the combs at all.
You could try a hole saw. 2 or 3 inch should do it. Take some sand paper to the plastic after, and all should be ok.

The only thing I have found that works well on plastic is a utility knife most of the time. I have a test net up... we will see if that works. It was a lot easier than cutting all that plastic. I have 10 pens with these feeders.
You could try a hole saw. 2 or 3 inch should do it. Take some sand paper to the plastic after, and all should be ok.

hole saws work well, but it helps to drill a small pilot hole first, so the saw stays centered. then the drill bit at the center of the saw will stay where it's supposed to. also helps to rock it around a bit, if it starts sawing crooked. and a sharp knife at the end does help with de-burring the edges.

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