My 1 month chicken is not eating! Is that normal?


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Oct 23, 2020
My 1 month old chicken is not eating and I have realized that has been the case for the past 12 hours and maybe more I have no idea! So the crop is full but I don’t free feed them so I know he’s not eating! My best guess is he’s getting full on wood shavings so what should I do? Should I isolate him in a different container with no wood shavings to make sure he passes it on and actually would eat real food not the wood shavings? Or is he sick and that’s why he’s not eating?

I’m not free feeding as I don’t have a feeder yet and every time I fill the plate they all come running and finish it all.

also no other signs showing on the chicken just stands there and watch every one go running for food
If his crop isnt emptying, you might try giving him some water and then massaging the crop to help mash up the food that's in it. I dont know if it's full of yesterdays food or if he really is eating wood shavings.
I’ve read that some olive oil can help loosen crops. You should separate him until his crop is clear and you can see what’s in it. He many have tried picking food out of the bedding and he could have been hungry, so I’d try to get ahold of a minimal waste feeder soon enough so you can give them constant food access.

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