My 1st Chicken apocolypse.....


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Feb 15, 2011
woke up this morning to two big friggen Azzhole dogs in my very Coop & run .they killed everyone of my 17 chickens . The kids & me put SO much effort into these guys for almost 6 months ... they were spoonfed snacks , would balance on one hand ... came individuallt when we called them .. I'm still so ticked everytime I see the little bodies in my mind .. best chickens ever killed by two hella goofy retarded looking dogs .

I'm trying SOOOOO hard not to blam hubz . told him atleast 20 times .. I bought the heavy wire to go around the run , please put it there . .. he always acted like I was just trying to give him sucker busy work, I bit my tongue soo hard to not blame his lazy rump .. but between me and you .. it is 90 % his fault .. and the rest is for me cause I didn't like to lock them inthe coop

my Fav fat girl was bigger then any tday turkey we've ever had and one of them had layed 2 eggs already.

That's usually how it works here. And if he doesn't have time to help, it's OK. I do it myself. I totally understand, though, that if you have physical limitations that you can't do it. Sorry to hear about your birds. What became of the dogs?
the sherriff & animal control came out . they think the dogs are from a trailer park connected to the back of our neighborhood ....I have Rhum. arthritis and fibromyalgia .. but I am out there every morning at 6:30 to feed/water them, dogs ran off but belive me .. gonna re-fence myself . I think the hoo-hoo is gonna be on headache status for the next 3 months .. pffttt ..
<~ a chicken mom angered= lonley dadas.....
oh...what a bummer. i am always asking my husband to do stuff and he used to disagree with me thinking i was going overboard or being a worrier but i have been right more times than not so now when i ask him to make the coop/run as predator proof as possible and he tries to disagree with me i tell him "well, if we lose our chickens because you didn't do it you will not hear the end of it"...he knows it is not worth the months of headache for him not to spend the extra hour safeguarding the coop/run.

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