My 1st time WORMS


Sep 27, 2015
This is my first flock. I got them at 10 weeks in July (now theyre 34 weeks)
One of my laying hens has worms and so I'm sure the others do too by now.

What type of worm, and what should I give them?!
It's the long skinny worm, kinda brownish looks like a baby earth worm almost. Long.

Its in the center of the pic, mostly out of the poo because i used a stick to pull it out.

Also my flock of 5 EEs have only a 6x6 run attatched to their 4x6 coop.
Most of the day they get full range of our fenced in 0.7 acre.
Shoukd i lock them up to prevent the eggs from spreading more?! (Until the worms are gone)


Sep 27, 2015
***********************Update. I let them loose in the yard (too late for stopping worm eggs anyways)

I put 1fl oz of Wazine 17 into the 1gal water. (the only other wormer option at out stores was a pellet feed what said no egg withdrawal. Since I could find reviews of the product quickly I went with what was suggested)
I also have the normal ACV with the mother in the water as well.

I have flushed out and cleaned ever inch of the 4x6 coop with outdoor bleach mixed with water, then rinsed it all out with boiling water, then cleaned it with viniger water.

Today we've got the chickies lock out of their run and coop since i've bleach and cleaned it all. (the 2 out of 4 hens laying have already lain their eggs early this norming) so no worries about the nesting boxes being blocked off. Im letting it all air out and dry. Tonight i'll let them inside. Tomorrow I'll keep them locked in the coop/run (now that they are on the meds in their water) and spray down the yard with "cross check x" which says it's safe for humans and animals as soon as it all dries.
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Mar 24, 2009
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Cleaning is fine and a clean yard does help but you will never remove all the parasites in the environment so don't get too overly worked up trying to do that. Parasites will always be brought in by wild birds as well as insects that are carriers and the chickens eat them and get worms.

The Wazine will work for roundworms but nothing else and chickens get many types of worms. A good, broad spectrum wormer is a better bet. Liquid Safeguard for goats is a good choice as is Valbazen. I use both in rotation.

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