My 26-week-old hens aren't laying yet. Their coop and run are in the shade, could that by why?


7 Years
Jan 28, 2012
I have 5 hens and 1 rooster that are the offspring of free-range "mutts". We have had them in a chicken coop with attached run since they were day-olds. We don't have much room in our backyard and we have our garden in the sun so the coop is under a tree. They are 6 1/2 months now and haven't laid any eggs yet. Their combs aren't very red yet either. Our son has 3 hens from the same brood in his backyard and his have been laying for 1 month now. Could it possibly be that they are in a shady area (it does get some morning sun)? We feed them good quality layer pullets and they have plenty of room and nesting boxes. Any ideas? P.S. Yes, they ARE hens. :) Thanks!
Mine were late layers too and it was because I was not giving them the right feed. Mine needed to have 18% protein to get them laying. Adding a light like a trouble light (used by mechanics) on a timer might help too. Our coop is on a timer and it comes on at 5am to 9am and again at 5pm and turns off at 9pm. After a few weeks of the new food, they started to lay. Combs are a good indication. If they are red and the hens squat when you go to touch them, they will lay soon. I had two Buff Rocks, exact same age and one was at least 6 weeks behind in development.
Thank you for your information. I will try a higher protein feed and the lights. I'm willing to try anything at this point. We've been watching for eggs every day now for 2 months. :) A watched pot never boils... LOL
I know what you mean. Ours just started laying in early september. We have had them since they were just days old. I was getting very impatient. We have 5 out of our 6 laying now.
Thanks again! We live in Oklahoma but actually just returned from a trip to Seattle and then Vancouver, BC. Very beautiful! Our first trip to Canada.
Well I hope you liked Vancouver. We definitely do, however it snowed today. Unusual for it to happen this early. Snow has already melted from this morning, though. The hens didn't know what to think. They just wanted to stay in the coop but now they are out and about. Keep me in the know regarding the progress of your girls.
Would you explain this squatting thing for me please. My Barred Rock and Java both do that. I have 6 hens, and get three eggs a day. I have no idea who is laying them except they are varying shades of brown. So my EE isn't laying. they are smaller eggs so don't think they are my Wyandottes either. Was thinking maybe my Polish and Barred Rock but maybe it's the Barred and Java who are laying by maybe what you are saying.

When I pet the back of the Polish she justs slightly jumps an goes about her business. Can't get close enough to the shy wyandottes or EE to do the petting. I'm needing help please.
We loved Vancouver! Wish we could have stayed longer. Still no eggs here but my husband got them some higher protein feed and some oyster shell today. He plans to put a light in the coop soon. I'll let you know when we get the first egg! Thanks again.

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