My 3 broodies are hatching 5 incubated eggs each same day -questions!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bantyshanty, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. bantyshanty

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    I've incubated 15 eggs for 18 days now, and I'm going to put them tonight under my 3 broody silkies/cochins (whose fertile eggs did not develop) to hatch, so they can raise them. Each hen will have 5 eggs. Each is now on 5 round stones.

    I've never had 3 moms at once before. Can any of these moms share the same space the first week? I have a 15 s.f. aviary area attached to my run, and one broody has her own brooding pen.

    Thought I would move two of them to 2 portable 12x12x18 D nest boxes within the aviary. They get along in general. Will this work? If not, at what age can they start sharing, or do they have to stop sharing?

    They're not likely to attack each other's chicks if each has her own nest box, separate food & water dishes at opposite ends, right?
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    May 8, 2010
    what happens when you put the eggs under them and they start turning them when they're not meant to?
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    No idea, but good luck! [​IMG] I'm on my first broody, so I don't know how multiple broodies work.
  4. bantyshanty

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    Oct 6, 2009
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    Quote:They're all on Day 28. Since their eggs didn't develop, I got some. I haven't seen the girls turn one for days, nor want to get off them. Also, I think once the little one is in the air space, they can hear them and don't move them.

    That's not a worry. When they come out, I need to know how much space each needs from the other. They're away from the rest of the flock, but near each other.

    Thanks, Happy Chooks, I'll post some pics when they're all fluffed and out of the nest.

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