My $3 lights - solar, to boot

chiques chicks

7 Years
May 11, 2012
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
I was in the dollar store last week and they had solar stake lights for a buck. I bought a bunch as they are a cheap source of solar cells, diodes, and LED's.
I pulled the head out of the stake and checked it against a couple hole saws I had, looked about 1 1/4 inches. A quick check in a piece of scrap plywood verified it.

I drilled three holes in the south(ish) wall of my coop and shoved the lights in the holes. In the future I will caulk them in.

They aren't bright, but give off enough light to check on the girls at night and do any quick simple tasks.
They don't last all night, but are still on when I go to bed after getting home from work at midnight.
When they quit working I can probably get new ones or replace the batteries (i can get to them by removing a couple screws), but batteries would cost more than the lights!

Simple, cheap and effective!


8 Years
Mar 30, 2012
Canada - Garden Zone 3
I just bought a solar stake at the dollar store today, too! I hadn't thought about detaching the light from the stake, but that is a good idea. The front of my rabbit hutch coop is still open hardware wire, so I just used a zip tie to attach the stake to the outside of the wire. (I put an insulated rain tarp over the whole thing for now til I put plexiglass over the front doors.) I like the way you think.


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Southern IL
I have several lining my path out to the coop and one or two right by the door. I love them. I am naturally pretty clutsy so it may save me from breaking an ankle some day!!!

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