My 3 week old babies are sneezing! Help!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by BantyMom87, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    My 3 week old chicks are sneezing this morning, they are just recently in an outdoor building inside a brooder box with heat lamp. The temps have been very mild lately and they've been doing great! Last night got chilly though and this morning they were all sneezing! What should I do?!

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    Get some Oxytet at the feed store. I believe the dose is 2 tsp per gallon, but you might want to double check. You can call the manufacturer even, and they will tell you. Give it to the chicks in their water for seven to ten days. Don't delay though. If you can get some Denagard, that is better, but it's a lot more expensive and we order ours on line. You need something right now. You can also try VetRx if you want, but really, I think it sounds like they could use an antibiotic, and Oxytet works well. Iv'e never had success at all with VetRX. If the feed store doesn't have Oxytet (but they should) ask for Duramycin. That stuff is really weak, but it would probably work ok for the babies. 2 tsp per gallon, I believe for that as well.

    Of course, it's possible that they all inhaled dust or something...sometimes that happens...but not likely. Certainly, if they stop sneezing, then you might want to hesitate to see if they continue before starting up with the antibiotics.
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