My 30-week old EE pullet is brooding on one little egg...

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    My little EE pullet, Olive, is only 30 weeks old and has decided to go broody. Last Saturday, she laid an egg at about 10 am and decided to sit on it and two wooden eggs. (ETA: Her eggs have been a steady 47 grams recently, so I am hoping it is large enough to do well.) Well, I removed the wooden eggs after a bit, but she's doing really well with her one little egg! (Despite the fact that it is now about 25 degrees at night!)
    I went out at well after dark this evening - which I am figuring is day 6 since she sat most of Saturday (and when I don't count that first day when incubating, they always hatch on "day 20")- to candle, and the egg seems to be developing well. I saw movement, and I saw this clam-like shape in some of the eggs I incubated this spring which eventually hatched. (ETA: The reddish-bit there on the left didn't look so blood-ring-ish in person. I'm thinking that is okay. Also, the dark spots are calcium deposits, not muck. [​IMG] )
    So, [​IMG] !!!! I hope her one little egg hatches, or I'll have to go rustle up some chicks in late November! But, with my luck, I am figuring it will be a cockerel. All birds are cockerels until proven otherwise in my world. [​IMG]
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    Goodluck! I bet the little chick will be beautiful!!

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