My 4yo great pyr ate a chicken..


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
The pullet must have gotten out of the cage, and she went for it. Took the head off, and knew as soon as I walked out and saw her that she'd done something really wrong...I smacked her on the nose, and told her no..and it took much time for her to look me in the eye..I am the boss of the house, to her anyway...Any suggestions?? We live in the city/county, and are allowed chickens, and it was during the day that she was outside, so I know it was questions there
I had this happen with my dog and my son's duck. I smacked my dog with the dead duck--shoved it in his nose to let him know and smell just what he did and in a very stern voice yelled, "NO! BAD BOY!!!" over and over. I think it sunk in. He never tried it again, but of course from them on, he was not to be trusted near my chickens and ducks. Good luck!
A GP should not be allowed alone with chickens at that age. They are still very much a puppy, even though they are big by 4 months. Also, some just are not good around chickens. Our female is WONDERFUL with the goats, but will go after a chicken in a heart beat.

I know it sounds harsh, but every time she does something wrong make a huge deal out of it and holler, bang around things to make a lot of noise, etc. If that doesn't work, get a shock collar.
She's 4 years, not months..Sorry..It was her...still warm..I have read that pyrs will not take the head off, but I know it was her. She's been outside for quite a while, and if something else came in, she'd have warned us. She's very good about that..Ran a fox off some time ago...and it was during the day...I totally busted her with it..
I have a pyrenes/newfie and will and Has killed chickens in a heartbeat....They are fine as long as they stay in the enclosure, but when they get out forget it. I have tried Everything, including working with a trainer, Nothing works...So I free range only when he is inside and hope nobody escapes when he is out. Id like to tell you there is a way to "fix" this but in my case, NO way, he is who he is and I have to deal with him. Once they kill chickens they always will, in my oppinion. Unless they are very young and it can be nipped in the bud, my guy was prob 2 yrs old + when we got chickens.
Do the chicken free range with the dog? Has it always been with the chicken from a pup? That is really strange that it would take its head off. Did it eat the head or did it look as though it had been sliced off? I have had this happen from hawks. My dogs live with chickens, turkeys, guineas and ducks from the time they are 6 weeks old. I have a 7 & 9 week old pyrenees out with my birds right now. I know yours is 4 years old but mine better be guarding the birds by 4 months or it will be somebody elses pet!
We've only had her for a few months. The chickens have been penned up the whole time. They are in a caged area..I am thinking one got out by the side somehow..We have solved that problem...I almost hate to admit this, because I'm just not sure what to think, but my hubby did tie the bird to the dog...
That's supposed to be a very good way of curing a bird eating dog. Most people don't have the heart to do it though but good for you
Suprising for an LGD. But if she is 4 years old and has not been trained from early on to be with chickens she may be hard to train at this point. In can be done, it certainly has been done, but it will take a lot of time and close attention. And the dog must have access to the chickens. If the dog does not see the chickens as something it is supposed to protect, it will kill them as it would a rodent or other intruder. The only way it will ever learn is if it is with the chickens all the time. But if you are putting the dog in at night then it is not being allowed to use its guarding instincts for anyone but you and the people inside your home. It will never form the right kind of relationship with the chickens that way to protect them. It will be more interested in guarding you and your home. We have an LGD but he has been with chickens since a pup and never is indoors. He sleeps with the birds and knows that he is there to protect them. He won't even come into the basement because he is always wary of the outdoors and being close to his charge. Pyrs a great dogs, don't give up. I think it can learn but you will need to spend a lot of time getting the dog together with the birds. She will not be able to understand why she should protect caged birds. She may even feel it is her job not to let them get out, killing them in the process.

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