My 5 week Olds w/ weights

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    Sep 2, 2014
    Thought I would share my 5 week olds....although these pics and weights are at 4 weeks old. Would like feedback on the weights and if they seem on par...or where on the spectrum.
    First is Mello a Buff Orpington (13.1oz):
    Here is Pepper a Black Australorp (12.6oz):
    Next up is Rosemary (our runt) Black Australorp (10.9oz):
    BlackBerry our 3rd Australorp (13.1oz):
    This is Celo our Golden Buff (11.9oz):
    Lastly Daisy our smallest Buff Orpington (11.1oz):

    Mello still prefers to be on our shoulder anytime she can...
    They are growing so stinking fast!
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