My 5yo...exercising more restraint than me...


12 Years
Nov 12, 2007
I went to the local farm supply store today to start my supply shopping...waterer, feeder, pine shavings, etc...
One of the ladies working there raises Banty's and in a cardboard box there was a buff broody hen with 9 0r 10 day old chicks! She let my son hold a few of them. I was asking her for directions to the heat lamps and bulbs and she said the broody & chicks she had in yesterday were bought by a lady who took the broody & all so she didn't have to worry about heat lamps. I was mentally placing the whole box in my truck when my son says...Mommy what about the chicks we ordered (he helped pick them out) and I said we may have room for more. Then it was Mommy where are we going to put them. My brooder is a 4'x5' shipping crate and the top is not finished, I'm cutting out holes & putting hardware cloth & hinges. The coop is planned but not built yet....have to wait for better weather. So I went with my sons' better judgement and came home with my list of supplies I went in for and am again patiently waiting for April...
Mine need to take lessons! At TSC today, mine were going "Oh! I want that one! And that one! And..." Okay, so we only came home with 10 chicks...but that's to add to the other 20+ that I bought Thursday. hehe
Having a mom whom he has accused of "loving the chicken chatters more than me" I'm not sure what mine will say or do when we are around the chicks and ducklings for sale. We shall see! He has been known to grab me by the arm and say, "No more yarn till you knit up what you have Mommy!" He will be 6 next month.....

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