My 9 month old cockerel barely makes any noise let alone crow.

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    Mar 16, 2014
    My beautiful 9 month old Buckeye cockerel is just the sweetest boy I have ever met but he makes zero noise, no calling the hens, no crowing, no nothing. He is a very good boy when it comes to new birds and being petted but he also lets the hens beat on him. He goes so far as to let them chase him away so he is really thin. I have done much research over the 3 years I've had chickens (almost 4) and I know this is a really really really long shot but is there anything I can do or give him (natural stuff only) that will help him (he has never been aggressive in any way but even when he was a day old he got beat-up on).
  2. Give him this, wait until April or May and he should come around. I suspect that he may be a Pea Combed breed and they can be slow to mature. If you are able confine him with only two or three of your youngest pullets.

    Also your location makes me wonder if your roo isn't recovering from a frost bit comb. This can have bad effects on a roosters supply of hormones, even rendering a rooster infertile until the freeze damage is fully healed.

    Finally, roosters like hens both need light to perform their bird and the bees functions.
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