My amaraucana hen has ascites! Please help!

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  1. Ok, my poor hen has bad a swollen abdomen for a while now and hasn't laid an egg, waddles, likes to stay away from flock. I read that she has ascites and you can drain them! How to do this...? Please help!

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    You can drain it but she probably won't lay another egg.

    I had a leghorn with ascites and I drained her a few times but she never laid another egg (just internally, she had a huge mass in her abdomen) and it kept coming back so I put her down. She was miserable.

    Just get a thin long needle with a big syringe, stick it in the abdomen and drain. I pulled out a mason jar full of liquid from her a few times over the course of a few months. After you get most of it off, she will continue to drain from the holes as well.

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