my Aussie Spot is laying again? w/ 3 week old ducklings?


Invincible Summer
12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
My only Australian Spot female hatched out 8 babies 3 weeks ago yesterday. Yesterday,I found 2 eggs in the next box over from where she hatched them and another one today. Is that possible? They are the color of her eggs, and not ivory/beige like Mandies lay. (My Mandarins are in the same pen.)
If so, I'm not going to let her set again this summer, as I want to sell most of her ducklings once I know what sex they are. I'll be selling these eggs too I guess....I thought that was it once I let her set, and she wouldn't lay anymore this summer.

I don't know anything about aussie spots, or the 'usual' laying pattern of some of the more interesting ducks...but I've had pekins and muscovies that would start laying within a couple weeks of hatching ducklings. If I took ducklings away, they'd be laying within a week or so. Same with most of my chickens I've had that would brood. So i don't know.
Thanks. She still has her ducklings in the pen with her, btw. Just wanted to add that in case anyone else knows their normal laying habits...

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