My babies are sick:(

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    Mar 24, 2015
    I recently purchased a Silkie from a lady who told me she had a runny nose. It was my first set of hens to buy so I didn't understand how serious that could be. I put the hen in the coop and now all of my chickens have runny noses and are sucking snot. Theyve quit laying completely and I am worried. I've put antibiotics in their water for the past few days but they are still pretty stand offish. Any advice??
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    Welcome to BYC. Respiratory diseases can easily be brought into a flock, and make carriers for life when adding new birds. The common diseases are infectious bronchitis, MG, coryza, ILT, and others. Antibiotics may help with symptoms or to prevent secondary infections, but they won't cure the disease. It is always best to get a bird tested, or sacrifice one to get a necropsy done by your state vet to find out what disease. That way, you can know how to deal with it. You should close your flock and no birds should be added or go out of your flock to other people.

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