My baby Seramas' 'chitter' sounds like a racoon!

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Where did the time go???
12 Years
Aug 14, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
My dog went running & barking out to his usual spot to sniff & bark, where we caught a raccoon and her family (for whom she had killed 2/3 of my chickens) about 6 YEARS ago (before this dog was born), and I could swear I heard a classic Raccoon 'chitter' sound coming from the outbuilding there. I got the flashlight & DH got a gun, and we went out for a look. All the chickens were fine, and I couldn't find any trace of raccoon. I've had a trap set there with no activity for months (I check it often).
Tonight I was at the back door again, heard the same sound but realized it was coming from the brooder behind me
no coons there, just 2 teeny baby Seramas
What a relief!
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