My baby silkies!!


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5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
Hey there,
I want to share with everyone my baby silkies!
I love them so much!

The first one is my gorgeous soap!
She's beautiful and I'm hoping she turns out to be a buff!

The second one is my bubbly bubalina!
She is a flame colour but I don't think she will stay like that for long!

The third one is my beautiful buttercup!
I held her all the way home once we had bought her and her sisters!

The fourth one is perfect penny!
She's the boss, although she loves the cuddles!





I hope you like them!
Please give me some comments on what colour you think they will turn out to be!
Aww they are so cute!!!
I wish I knew coloring better but I have no clue. Just wanted to say they are super cute!
2 & 4 look like partridge . First looks to be a mix of partridge coloring. Idk much about the lighter colors & jus guessing w/ these !! I have black ,white (only one white hence lack of knowledge lol) buff , & silver partridge !

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