my bantam just flew over a 6foot fence

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Yes, bantam chickens do fly higher than large fowl chickens but I have also heard of some large fowl breeds clearing fences that tall too. Clipping their wings might help butsome chickens can still fly high even with clipped wings if you want to clip them here's a link that will help: . If you don't want to clip them well, it looks like you'll need to make your fence higher.
I have a 5' fence and my bantams flew out no problem. I clipped their wings and the problem was solved. Start at the tip of the wing. Cut off about 1 1/2 to 2 inches...depending on the size of the wings. You will see three different types of feathers. The first 7 to 12 feathers are their flight feathers. The next 2 or 3 are transitional feathers that lead into their feathers that keep them warm. You only want to cut ONE wing. The reason for cutting is to keep them off balance while they try to fly. If you clip both sides, their balance isn't really affected.

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