My Barred Rock quit laying


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Hersey, Michigan
I have 5 hens and my oldest is a feather foot Barred Rock who was the sole survivor of a fox attack last winter. She started laying a year ago last July and has been laying regularly in the same nest box in the coop until about 3 weeks ago when she just quit laying abruptly. I pasture them every day so I thought she was nesting in the yard somewhere but I can't find anything. She appears healthy, has a good appetite and I can't find anything wrong with her. My question is does this breed quit laying this soon or am I just not finding another nest somewhere? The other 4, a Buff Orpington and 3 ISA Browns Just started laying in August and they use the nesting boxes in the coop religiously.


6 Years
Jul 13, 2013
SW Kansas
Feather-footed BR? She may be in her first molt. Or she could have stopped with the shorter days. If you think she may be hiding her eggs you might try keeping her in the coop for a week or so.


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Feb 14, 2014
Consett Co.Durham. UK

I would guess that she is going through moult. Most of my adult hens are at the moment and egg production has dropped right off. Have you noticed more feathers than usual in the hen house? Some hens show that they are moulting more than others, but the loose feathers in the hen house are the easiest sign to spot. Anyway, I hope that's all it is and she is back to laying again in a few weeks. The other hens you have that are still laying sound like they are too young to moult yet of they just started laying this summer.

Best wishes


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