My barred rock roo has a boo-boo from molting.


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Jun 10, 2010
His rump/tail is bare due to him molting. I noticed one of the hens pecking at his rump before, but he stopped her. Today I saw blood, at first I thought it was fresh but I looked closer
and its dried. How did that happen? I'm not able to pick him up, he's a new addition to our family and he hasn't exactly warmed up to me yet, but I looked as close as I could at it.
It seems to be coming from one of the little holes where the feathers grow.
Is this normal? And will he be okay when he loses a majority of his feathers? One other barred rock hen is, well, ugly looking because of the molting.
Should we just leave nature to do its thing? When one of our hens got bit by a dog we no longer have (due to that reason) she had a little wound on her side, my dad said to leave it alone... We did and she's doing great
My concern would be the other hens pecking at him making it worse. My understanding is chickens will peck at anything red (blood) even to the point of cannibalism. So if there is a way to separate him till it heals that would help. We had an egg bound hen who after we helped her pass the egg was ok ... till the other hen started pecking and made the wound worse (probably would have killed her if we didn't get her out of the coop). We took her to the vet who gave her antibiotics and she is healed and a good layer again.
Good luck with your roo..
I agree with autumn_mi. You can but 'blood stop' purchased at a feed store or better yet to save money, put some flour where the feather was lost to stop the bleeding. They'll be ok when they lose their feathers, it's normal about this time of year. It's a good time to pick them up and visually inspect them for abnormalties ie... bumps, scratches etc...check them for lice and mites too, including your rooster. Since they are in moult, you might want to increase their protein intake by giving them chopped boiled or scrambled eggs in their diet.
Thanx, the hen stopped pecking him and the blood is gone. I don't know if my mom will let them eat eggs unless they are scraps... We do give them pomegranite, lemon, acorns, grapes, and these little bean things. Also cabbage/lettuce scraps from when my mom cuts certain parts of the cabbage/lettuce that we dont eat. I'm not sure if I can pick him up, he's a new roo and bigger then the other one we had. I don't think he trusts me yet or my mom. And he has big spurs.... Were gonna get rid of those the hot potatoe way.
I dont wanna pick him with him pecking at me and making me bleed or injuring me with those spurs.

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