My Barred Rocks are cofusing the heck out of me LOL..updated pics


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Oct 1, 2007
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So I ordered 4 BR from the feed store... got 3 BR and an australorp.. that's what I get for not looking at them too closely before I left LOL!!

So chick 1: medium color.. medium dot of white spot on head, small amount of black on legs, but very small body and head and small tail feathers, can see baring on wing

So chick 2: light color.. small slit of white on head, small amount of black on legs, small body and head and small tail feathers, can not see baring on wings

So Chick 3: black color... large white spot on head, black legs, small head but big body and more tail feathers, can see baring on wings

Chick 1




Chick 3



So what are these??? Girls or boys???

And HI y'all again!!! It's wonderful to be back in chicken world again!

And just for laughs... (or crys in my case)... here is a pic of my 1.5 week old EE.. of course my favorite one.... HIS SPUR BUMPS!!!!!! WAHHHHHHH

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I was really hoping that last one would be a girl... shoot....

We ordered 22 with one being intentionally a light brahma roo.... now we have an australorp roo and at least one or two BR roos and an EE roo.. way too many roos
YEAH!!!! I was concerned about that EE cuz the three other are all devolping the same wings and tails.. and that one has almost no wing feathers and no tail at all.... so I assumed he was a boy and then I saw those and I thought for sure he was a "he". He may still turn out to be a he but I'll keep an eye on him/her...

Cyn.. what did you think about the BR? And.. it is good to hear from you again.
The second one is confusing me because I see no barring, not a bit. Doesn't even look like a BR except for the head spot. Very odd. There should not only be barring, but very wide white bars on that baby if it was male BR.

First is a definite pullet, but the other two I can't really tell. Lexie's head spot was very much like that #3 chick. They don't appear light enough to be males, unless the lighting in the photo is way off. A pullet can have a large head spot, but it's more contained without that "frosting" across the back of the head.
Nope, coloring is right on. I would not doubt at all if they messed it up.. that middle one is also smaller than the other two.. and as I said before, one of my BR is an australorp.. so maybe this one is something else too.. I can't remember what black sex links look like as chicks. Could it be a bsl?

And the third one is the darkest of them all.. it is very black. So.. I guess I will play the waiting game...
Updated pics: Any more guesses??

Chick 1


Chick 2

color is off on this one but you can see the bars and the comb... I am assuming those white feathers mean male???

Chick 3


They are now 2.5 weeks old.

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