My Beautiful Blue Orp's from Buster


12 Years
Mar 25, 2007
Erda, UT
Here are a couple of pic's of my Blue Orp's I got from Buster. They are turning out amazing!!!! They are HUGE and gorgeous!!

Here are my two pullets, they are 14 weeks old and they are bigger than my full grown Ameraucuana's....



This one I am not sure yet if it is a pullet or a cockerel, it is 13 weeks old and is smaller than the other two. I keep leaning towards pullet, but then every so often, I think it is a slow maturing cockerel. This one is the same one in my avitar as a chick.


They were not very cooperative at all when I was taking pictures. I will try to get better ones another day.
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I am not sure who the daddy is. I am pretty sure it is not Diesel. I believe it was a splash roo over black hens.
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