My Best Hatch Ever!!!


13 Years
Oct 24, 2009
This morning I went out to find my broody Japanese Bantam had hatched out all 11 of her eggs.

The chicks are lovely... I have a mix of many different colours... and they all have the short legs required for showing this breed!!!!

The last 2 batches that hatched out ALL had long legs and they were all the same mottled brown colour.. my least favourite colour..... I don't know how that happened, as I always use a mix of eggs from different coloured hens to put under a broody.. and I have several roosters of different colours too.

Also, usually, each hen has a few eggs that don't hatch... I was amazed that 100 percent of this ones eggs did.

I am very pleases, asI lost 9 out of 13 chicks to a snake and a cat. I have these new ones and their mother in a strong metal cage this time.. taking no chances.

I will get some pics soon.

Just so happy, had the share.

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