My Bovan Cross Chickens

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  1. [​IMG]

    They are friendly and adapt to their enviroment quickly. They have been handling -20 celcius with no problem. We have a reptile heat light in the coop for the night but other wise the spend their day in the green house which is not heated. I will see them go to the coop when they want to warm up a bit but most the time they perfer no heat. They produce 6 eggs daily with no problem.
    Here are some pictures. I love this breed as they are smart and have great survival instincts.

    I have no health issues with this breed so far. They are great around the grand children.[​IMG]

  2. My chickens even in -26 celcius are still laying eggs. We have been away from them for almost a week but our friend says they are all doing well and she is enjoying the fresh eggs.

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