My Brahma ate a feed string


Oct 2, 2020
Anderson, CA, USA
My Coop
My Coop
When i went out to check on my flock this morning i found my little buff brahma cockeral "Spike" laying down and mostly unresponsive. On closer inspection he had eaten the string that opens feed bags but luckily the string managed to wrap over the beak so there was still somthing to grab. He was fine last night so he must have eaten it sometime during the night. I thought this was the end for my boy, but my husband was able to pull out the string. About a 5 mins after the ordeal, Spike was acting like himself he ate, drank, and pooped and was strutting around my livingroom.
I think hes out of danger for now, but i dont know if pulling the string out did any internal damage. Anyone know what we should look for as far as signs that damaged was caused?
He will probably be fine, as the string would have only made it to the crop, which is where all food goes before going down into the stomach - which takes hours. If you had hurt him, it would have damaged his esophagus and you would know immediately. If he seems fine and acting like a chicken, then I’m sure he’ll recover just fine. Chickens are very resilient.

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