My brahma won't sit on a perch


Nov 24, 2015
Hi iv just bought a mix bunch of girls we found out one is a brahma
The others go to sleep on there perch which is an old wooden ladder. But my brahma wont sit on the perch but sleeps in her nesting box and she poos in her nesting box ,at the moment she is not laying but when she starts do we have to clean it out every day so the poo wont taint the eggs or will she use a diffent nest box.or is the perch to small for her
Yes, if you don't prevent her from sleeping in the nest, you'll have to clean it out every day with new nesting material.

Is the roost significantly higher than the nest? If not, it should be. In the meantime I would block off the nests in the afternoon so she hasn't the option to sleep there.
Percheron Chick brings up a good point.
Where are you located adriand?
A lot of people think of birds as perching animals. They can't really perch as well as say a sparrow can. A wider roost (2"+) is better, especially in cold climates.
Brahmas are heavy breeds. Sometimes their ponderous weight makes them reluctant to try to jump up to a high perch, and some will experience pain when hopping down from a high perch.

Therefore, I provide low perches for my heavy breeds, and indeed many of the lighter breeds prefer them, also. I've only noticed very young chicks preferring the highest places on which to perch. All the others are as happy roosting on a perch inches from the ground as they are on one a few feet high.

I have a Brahma and a Cochin who stuff themselves together under a nest box, and sleep there on the floor every night, even though there's a low perch right next to them. Talk about lazy.
Most of my roosts are relative low and range from 3' to 4' high but in the building with very high roosts 5'-7', the birds continue up into the rafters. I guess it is a matter of perspective. Some of the birds I've had sleep in trees, continue to climb up 15' or more.
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Thanks everyone I'm going to move the perch maybe do high various heights. Thanks for your advice we are new to chickens so you will be hearing from us again ps buying another 2 tomorrow..... We got the bug

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