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    I have been struggling the last couple springs with keeping my brooder heated consistently. In the past I just change bulbs and raise/lower the heat lamp to adjust the temp. Well, when I go to work it is 7 am and sometimes don't get home till 7 pm (darn happy hour [​IMG] ) so the March/April temps can be 40 in the morning and 60 in the afternoon. Kids are in school and the wife is usually with me at the shop so the little fuzzy guys are at the mercy of the heat lamp.

    So, I am going to "automate" my stock tank brooder. It is a 2'x6'x2 steel tank with a hinged screen lid.

    Today I went to the local pet store and found this:

    was on sale for $35.00, it handles 1000 watts and has 3 plug ins.

    So here is my plan. I will keep a 125 watt red heat lamp on a dimmer switch for the base temp. One bulb in a large tank like this should be all I need for the warm days of spring. The dimmer switch is just there incase I need to turn it down on an unusually hot day.
    I will use the Zilla controller to control an additional heat lamp (maybe lamps on real cold days). I will set the control, monitor it with a thermometer and in theory have consistent, regulated heat for the little ones.

    I will take pictures tomorrow and post them.

    If anyone has any concerns or suggestions please share!
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    I was having the same problem. I put them back in the bator but that can't last. The chicks were panting even when the temp measured 80 by 2 devices. I think it's because they are black and absorb the light. I'm definitely getting one of these!
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    check out reptile supply websites for heating and temp control. The helix and johnson thermostats are awesome.
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