My Buff Orpington got attacked by red tail hawk


6 Years
Nov 29, 2013
My 6 hens have half the back yard and the dogs have the other half. There is always hawks flying above there part of the yard but haven't come close until lately. It's been really cold and the girls are easy pray so I think the poor hawks are just hungry....I love birds of prey but not attacking the chickens. Today from the window we heard something his the house and saw the hawk fly away from the ground. We didn't know Lillian the BO got injured until later because she and a couple of other hens were under the house. When I went down there she did come out and saw that she was injured...she was what hit the house I'm sure. She is missing a lot of feathers and has at least 4 gouges one the size of a quarter and 1/4" deep. Is there anything I just do to make sure she is okay? I just put them to bed in the coop and she was fine and nobody was picking on here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. She is one lucky lady.


Sep 12, 2015
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Glad to have you here!

Yes,that was one close call! I would keep them confined somehow for the next few days because the hawk knows where food is now. It is tough as winter progresses...everything wild seems to get extra desperate for food.

As far as your hen goes, it would probably be good if you could saline wash out her wound. Also extra vitamins in the water. Certainly they have experienced a BIG stress, poor dears,
. If they are currently laying that could also stop for a bit. Watch her behavior. When there is a problem they tend to hunker down and not show much interest in food.

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