My buffs- Roos??


Nov 21, 2015
I am new to BYC- just got my first chicks over a week ago. I have 2 buffs, 9 jersey Giants and 1 blue laced red Wyandotte. Wondering about gender - tell me what you think-
#1- Mr. Weasley aka Mr. Swag

#2- Hermoine

#3- Buckbeak

Thanks in advance for your help!!
Actually looking again the one in the first picture could be a female, but it will be easier to tell in a couple weeks.
I agree with above they are still to young to know for sure what the sex is. Have fun with your chickens and just warning you it does turn into a addiction. I started off with 2 hens now i have 39 hens and 3 roosters lol
How old are they, where did you get them, and were they sexed or straight run?

They are supposed to be about 4 weeks. Got them from a local person- they are a straight run. We wanted hens but most hatcheries were done for the year so we just bought from a local person who had them for sale.

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