My bunny is getting to fat!


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
LOL ~ seriously!!! Well shall I rephrase and say he was suppose to be a dwarf bunny!! Well let me just say he ain't so dwarf now...
As soon as I put food and water in he gobbles it all up so quick! And then I feel bad and I give him more... Haha How much is to much? Who has a bunny?? Help me before he's to big for the cage!







Did you know Bunnies can FLY???

Feed bunny hay and rabbit appropriate greens ad lib. Rabbit appropriate fruits and veggies can be offered (look up amounts and types on rabbit sites so you don't load up just on, say, sugary carrots). Buy a dish so you can see how much pellet you are offering daily. Adjust as needed. At least, that is what many say. I've never had a problem with ad lib pellets with my rabbits personally. The ribs should be easy to feel, but rounded, not boney. Watch for neck flab or oversized dewlaps. It looks like your bun is still young and growing though, in which case as lib dry diet is usually fine. Adorable bun!!
First off, he is a cutie! I am a bunny breeder/lover
Basicallly every bunny is different. You will just need to "feel them" every couple weeks to check for any weight loss or great gain...etc and you can adjust their feed accordingly.

For my small breeds bucks usually get 4 oz of pellets a day, and does are getting 5 oz. for my mediums bucks are getting 4-5 oz, and does are getting 6 oz ( not including my does that are expecting ).

But like I said, every bunny is different. Some require more than others to maintain weight. Offer free choice alfafa or feeding hay, and veggies are also a great way to get them food without the fattening. Some of my rabbits can have a big bowl and just pick at it, while others will just eat it all at once.

5 oz. is the size of a tuna can so you can get an idea. It also makes a great ration feed scoop.

Good luck! I had a heck of a time getting my flemish giant buck down to a healthier size. He was a grumpy bunny for a while untill he realized that salad wasnt that bad
Haha yea my Bunny (Sugar) is eating a little to much I think~ It sounds like I give him about 10 oz of pellets and that generally lasts about 2 days sometimes only a day if he is being really piggish! and I do give him Alfafa Hay and I will mix in Lettuce, carrots and other random vegetables but he feels heavier. Like around his bottom, when I pick him up I have to support his butt! He is young and still growing so I'm not to concerened at this point but I do want to make sure I'm not over feeding him. Is there any way to find out what kind of Bunny he is... They told me he was a dwarf ?? LOL and I do not believe that now!
and thanks for all the info
Yes I will do that he gets pellets and I do have a little dish for it and then I give him alfafa hay and usually a variety of greens and carrots. Thanks!!
Yes I will do that he gets pellets and I do have a little dish for it and then I give him alfafa hay and usually a variety of greens and carrots. Thanks!!

Grass hay or timothy hay is a much healthier choice then alfalfa. Alfalfa has way more protien and calcium then they need and will only contribute to weight gain. The excess calcium can also contribute to urinary tract problems in both bucks and does. They do love the alfalfa, it's like candy to them, so if you do switch don't be surprised if he turns up his nose at first but it won't last long, he'll soon be munching away.

Once my rabbits are about 6 months old I switch them to a timothy based pellet of which they get about 1/4 cup a day along with all the hay they want to eat.

Love the pic of him in mid-air! Great shot!
Bahaha ~ better not tell hubby about the skirt incident

OK Timothy Hay! Got it ~ I'll pick some up at the pet store when I go by their later~ Thanks everyone! And yeah that flying picture was awesome... I couldn't believe I caught him midair
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How old is this rabbit and what kind of dwarf is it?
I believe it looks like a cross w/ New zealand and if so it will big.
Our New Zealands get 11/2 to 2 cups a day and timothy/grass hay.

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