My cat has this weird red spot and she has a red sore bum. What is wrong with her ?


Aug 9, 2021
Idk what’s been wrong with my cat these past few days . she’s been getting these weird things on here . Can anyone tell me what these are and how much it will cost to to get her a physical exam at the vet ? Thank you .


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Does she have any other symptoms, like diarrhea, vomiting, hiding? I'm no vet, but if it was my cat I would be sick with worry and would take the cat to a veterinarian ASAP. The red spot with missing fur could be ringworm, which is contagious and quite different to get rid of, will need the right medication to threat it. I had a kitten with a weak immune system that kept getting ringworm. It took months of treatment and home made meals for it to clear. The red around bum could be a number of things. Something is causing a lot of inflammation, irritation and discomfort. Could be parasites, a rash, a food allergy. Only way to know what it is and to get your cat the right treatment is to take her to an animal clinic. Good luck
Agree with @FoxySonia, and the only way to know the cost is to call some local vets and ask. What they can tell you over the phone is the cost of the initial exam, just to look at your cat and give you an opinion. What they can't tell you is what it will cost to treat your cat. That will depend on the diagnosis, what the treatment is and the cost of any medication.

Is this your only cat? If not, is it possible another cat is over-grooming her? If that's a possibility, try separating them for a while. Good luck.

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