My cat is sickly.


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I'm kinda thinking our cat has been poisoned. She's normally very playful when I first get home from work. Today she didn't even come to me...just sat and stared blankly off to the distance. I pet her and no purring or rubbing against me. When she finally started away across the garage she slunk away. Very slow deliberate steps and almost crawling. Her eyes were narrowed also. Is this the signs of anti-freeze poisoning?? We have trouble with a neighbor and he'd likely do something like this. Before I have a very serious talk with him I need some hard facts.

Thanks, Tony
I was under the impression that anti-freeze contains a bittering agent now a days so things don't like to drink it.

That said... I'm sure there are plenty of other things that can be used as a poison. If you want a live cat... you'd probably get her to the vet asap. A diagnosis there will be support to what the issue may be...

ETA: Turns out only a hand full of states require the bittering agent. WA is one of them, not sure about your state though.
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Thanks all. For what it's worth, she's a lot better today. Hoping that by this afternoon she'll be back to her spunky self. I guess it couldn't have been anti-freeze after all but it sure seemed like it could have been at first. Thanks again for the responses.
How is she now? Have you checked her sugar levels? Sometimes when their sugar spikes or drops they have episodes similar to what you described. Id recommend getting her a check up from a professional.

I didn't check her sugar, not quite certain how'd I go about it. But, she is all better now, all frisky and full of play.

I can't even surmise what made her so ill. It was just so much like a poisoning, thoiugh. Her teets are getting bigger now so I suspect that's she's expecting a litter. Can't imagine a Tom breeding her that made her sick??

Thanks again, Tony

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