My cats are hungry for chicken... What should I do?


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Nov 23, 2008
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Hi. I have seven barn cats (I know, I'm crazy). I also have free-ranging chickens. I would REALLY love it if they could coexist, but I just don't trust them. Four of the cats are all right around the chickens( Two deathly afraid, two just don't care). One I'm not sure about. One will chase a chicken if it runs, but is otherwise fine.

The last one is a chicken stalker. He wants fresh chicken, and he wants it NOW! He is known to attack animals larger than himself, and he's strong too (fought off a raccoon a few months ago. That just about puts it in perspective).

I would love it if I could let my chickens run free. How can I stop my kitties from disemboweling my chooks? Is there some sort of radio collar thing I could put around my cats, and a leg band on my chickens, that acts sort of like an invisible fence?

How can I train my cats? HELP!
If someone has found a way to train a cat, please let me know so I can invest in your method and become extremely wealthy.

I have nothing useful to contribute to this conversation, unfortunately. It may come down to deciding who's more important: the chickens or the naughty cat.
The roosters haven't put that kitty in it's place yet??? My 8-week old chicks are in a fenced-in run, but my cat walked up to the fence and tried to *sniff* the chicks...well one of the little baby roos sniffed back and pecked the cat in the nose...HARD! The cat hasn't gone near the run again
I have ferals, strays and house cats. None of them bother the chickens. In fact, I have to protect the cats from the hens. That said I have had neighbor's cats come into the yard and stalk the chickens. The hose put a quick end to that. Also yelling, screaming and running like a lunatic towards them chases them off.

Imp-Plus the added benefit of the cardio exercise.
I have ferals/barn cats too, but none bother the chickens and the chickens actually come by and scare off the cats to eat their food if given the chance. Cats are all fed before chickens are out or after chickens are in for that very reason. Perhaps a mean roo can put the stalker in place?
A few of my cats like to chase my chickens, but once they get close enough to actually catch them the game is over. I have never lost a full grown chicken to a cat or had one injured by a cat. However, I would never trust them around a chick! I think a water hose or a mean roo would put him in his place.

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