My chick died tonight

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Allicoop, Feb 4, 2013.

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    It's been a sad night tonight as I lost my 5 week old chick called 'Crimson'. I'm at a loss to explain why.....I fed and watered my chicks this morning and sat and watched them for a while and never notice anything was wrong... This afternoon at about 4.30pm my daughter noticed she was standing by herself with her eyes closed....I gave her vits and electrolytes, sugar water and some cocci meds just in case, brought her inside and kept her warm, but unfortunately it did no good. I checked her rear and all was fine, checked for ticks, nothing...she looked healthy...I spose this is just the way things are ment to be sometimes....maybe it's natures way. I get so attached to my chooks. When Crimson hatched she had really crooked feet, to the point that she was walking on the sides of her feet. I taped them everyday, most days she would get it off, but her feet straightened out a fair bit so she was able to walk flat footed with a few crooked toes....i spent a fair bit of my holidays with Crimson, its horrible to lose a chick 5 weeks later..probably hard at anytime really. The only thing i did notice was her crop seemed to be mainly on one side. i only noticed this after she had passed, so maybe its nothing, ( i am a newby) but it was nice and soft tho. Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you all :-(
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    If dogs died at the rate chickens did, a lot fewer people would have dogs.
    The crop is attached to the right breast.
    She probably wasn't the healthiest bird to start with. Any diminished vitality at the start will make them more susceptible to many pathogens and parasites.

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