my chick died trying to hatch

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    Aug 16, 2014
    hi I started off a 7 eggs and only 3 have hatched yay we are very happy but for some reason died as he was hatching we're not sure why it seemed like he was trying to hatch but got caught on something and just didn't finish we waited for a couple hours no movement of any sortso we open the incubator and we found out that he had died it was very steamy stinkyand the smell was horrible. 3 of the eggs hatched on day 21 and one died on date 22 which is today I have 3 more eggs that have not hatched how long do i wait for them to see if they will hatch I opened the incubator I felt the eggs and they are much lighter than the ones that did hatched and I am also on a strict rule we do not open up the incubator only to put water for the humidity please let me know how long I should wait to take the other eggs out if there not going to hatch thank you.
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    IMO the light ones either aren't fertile or died while developing. Have u candled? The one that died while hatching could be ( amongst others ) due to high humidity during days 1-18 ( grew too big to turn ). But what it really boils down to is that incubators aren't broody hens and you're almost never gonna get the hatch rates u would trying to mimic the natural process.
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    Sadly that's what happens - for this reason is why when you incubate you have to do a few- you have to factor in a few variables to be able to have a decent outcome- instance we did 25 eggs once - l lost 5 day 7- lost few more at like day 14 or so- then we still had some not hatch- think we had 11 survive off that bunch and then 7 wound up roosters- this last time we had 10 eggs - 5 survivors and that was broody hens hatching them - no matter how things work out the strongest will hatch while the weak die

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