my chick got attcked

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9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
Somethings been targeting my babies and only leaves feathers and blood. They r freerange but ill be building a pen soon. So. Came home and found two polish missing. Searched everywhere and found nothing. Hours later my chicken herding dog (aka boxer) keeps whining at me and pawing at a bush. Finally I checked and my fave chicken ever is lying there wrapped in weeds and vines, conscious but limp. I untangled her and checked her and didn't see any wounds so I thought she must have gotten tangled and was exhausted so I brought her in and offered mealies and water but she didn't want any. I flipped her over and there was dried blood all over her stomach! But I couldn't see any wound without washing it but I was afraid to reopen it especially with the kids freaking out. I put her back in their box outside and at dark the others came in and they all went to sleep. I went in to check and they r all laying down except her. Which is better than her laying there half conscious. But it appears she's in too much pain to lay down. And I just don't know what to do. If she just died is be sad and it'd be done. But now she's hurt and suffering. I have to help her!
I am new to this so take it with a grain of salt, however I have been reading this board forever. Can you wipe it of just a little to see where she is bleeding from? If you can't then do you have some unmedicated neurosporin you can put on it? I have read on this board about giving aspirin, but i am not sure if that is a good idea with the bleeding. I hope you get some helpful advice. Good luck.
Thank u for your reply. I just. Checked on her and she's laying down on the others so she's kinda propped up off her stomach. I'm gonna suck it up and clean her belly tomorrow.
Hawk maybe? Where are you located?
There is no such thing as unmedicated neosporin... its all a medicine... but maybe there is some other kind I don't know of??

I use Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy for all trauma to any creature... It is a flower essence. "Hippy Stuff" is what my son calls it but I tell you what: it will calm & reground anything shaking from a bad day! It is completely safe for little chicks too: 3 drops in some water.
My other "hippy stuff" includes echinacea & goldenseal (in tincture form, best by herbpharm) which I've used on countless animals & ppl to prevent infection & speed up the healing of all wounds. (3-5 drops in water, 10-15 if more than a quart will be sitting there)

That combo of herbs might as well be an antibiotic so use only for 5-7 days & then take a break for 3. Repeat if needed, but I have never had to repeat that dosage w/ an injured animal... even after my roo's comb was torn in half by a dog & his leg almost ripped off... he made it & I swear it was those three things.
*The flower essence is amazing for the emotional trauma as well & should be taken by the owner or other family members if needed

GOOD LUCK! I am so sorry to hear of your scare... I hope she makes it & you can get a secure yard ready ASAP!
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