My chick got pecked on her head Questions!!!


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I have a 2 week old polish, who is living inside away from my 3 other birds. Well today I thought I would take her out and introduce her to the other three just a real quick kind of thing to see how it went. It went badly. Lucy my BO attacked the poor thing and before I could scoop it up she had pecked her poor little top hat. It now looks like this...


Is there anything I should do?? I cleaned it with a bit of peroxide and rinsed that off with water then dried it.
Also those feathers will grow back right?
Today the area is all purple colored. I'm assuming that is just the area bruising over from the initial peck. Am I correct?
Stay away from using peroxide on open wounds if possible, because it can kill off living tissue. Use a saline solution to clean wounds. I fill a clean large syringe with saline and squirt it at the open wound, to get out all the dirt and bacteria.

I'd clean her wound again with saline, then put on some antibiotic cream. Neosporin is good. There's a painkiller you're supposed to stay away from, with chickens. Lidocaine, maybe? If you don't have antibiotic cream, dab on some iodine.

Keep her isolated until the wound begins to heal over. Feathers will regrow when the tissues are healed. Be sure you keep a very close eye on her when reintroducing. Maybe also spray some blu-kote (from feedstores) onto the area, when you reintroduce, so the flock doesn't start pecking at the red unfeathered skin, again.

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