my chick has a new use for a nipple water bottle

wow, that is a hilarous video. very cute curious chick
That is SO funny! I just ordered my first day-olds (in the past, I have gotten chicks at 2 or 3 weeks)...I can't wait to sit and watch them!!
I think all chickens are attracted to red, therefor red is the standard color for the nipples, water fonts, feeders. (I think?) This chick just could not leave that small piece of plumbers tape alone. A few of the other chicks pecked at the tape in curiosity, then ignored it, but only this one chick held on so tight and so persistenly. After I noticed, I watched for about 45 minutes until I fell asleep on the floor next to the tote. I have no idea how long it kept at that tape. But the chick did whittle the tape down and now there's not tape enough left to hang from any more.

Is there a way to post videos on BYC?

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