my chick has squishy crop and will not move and she threw up


Free Ranging
6 Years
Mar 5, 2017
hi i have a one month old chick and i seen her in the brooder with 11 other chicks same age and a rooster three months old he is about to go to a new home i can not have to roosters so i have to give him away anyways there is one chick that wuld not move so i put hr in a brooder in side with a heating pad and she wi not eat or move all she does is sleep so some one told me it is sour crop her crop is ver squishy so i went to rub her crop and she threw up water she has watery poop when se was small i give her med feed but she is eating a none med chick starer know what does she have thanks for your help
What does she eat? Could she have eaten the bedding? If so, make sure she has chick grit. Gentle crop massage (down low so she doesn’t aspirate) and little chunks of coconut oil may help. Lots of knowledge on crop issues on these forums. Hopefully with crop issues in chicks. I’m concerned she could have a blockage somewhere. I’m sure someone else who has dealt with this will chime in. Good luck!

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