my chick is lost😭


Jun 21, 2022
i took care of a newly-hatched chick at home for more than 1 month. after it grew up, i decided to give it to a chicken keeper next to my house. after 1 day of giving it to him, the chick got lost. i don't know anything about its whereabouts nor if it's still alive. i asked a lot of people around and looked for it but to no avail. i am blaming myself for its loss because i think it would be better off with me. i miss it so much and i don't know what to do. i'm still hoping to find it even though i probably won't😭😭😭😭
Oh no I'm so sorry but don't beat yourself up these things happen. I hope you find it but if you don't at least it had alot of beautiful memories with you ❤️ :hugs:hit :fl

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