My "Chicken complex" (Assistance please)

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    Mar 29, 2011
    I am planning my coop/run area, and I’ve decided to plan for the future (I read up on that chicken math)! [​IMG] So, I will be building 2 coops with runs AND a yard. This is just an idea of the complex, as I haven't decided exactly what to use or the exact sizes. So feel free to give me your opinions!

    **Will house bantams only, NO large fowl**

    Coops: will be at each end of the "Yard", exactly the same size/design.
    Apprx. 4'w x 8'l x 4'h (sloping either down to 3 1/2' or up to 4 1/2'), apprx 2' off the ground
    One end will have roosts while the other will have nest boxes and maybe the feeding area (have not decided n interior vs. exterior nest boxes, or having the feed/water in the coop or run)
    Access doors for egg collecting, cleaning, etc; plus windows for ventilation
    Sides and roof will be either plywood or tin
    Floor will be plywood with linoleum (considering having wire flooring under the roosts… no poop board. Thoughts?)

    Runs: will be under coops and extended; chickens will have access to these runs all day
    Apprx. 8’w x 8’l x ?’h
    Will have doors that open into yard and have access for cleaning
    Will also have areas for salad bars and dirt baths

    Yard: will alternate access from one “flock” to the other during the day
    Apprx. 8’w x 16’l x 4’h (I‘m real short and haven‘t grown an in for 2+yrs)
    Will also have access doors and salad bars.

    Coops: 32 sq ft *each*
    Runs: 64 sq ft *each*
    Yard: 128 sq ft

    (I'll update this with any changes, decisions, etc)
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    May 3, 2016
    I see this is an old post, did you get it built?

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