My chicken got attacked by a hawk!


Nov 14, 2015
One of my chickens Marine got attacked by a hawk recently. It looks as though she is healing but she has some yellow skin near one of her three puncture wounds. The puncture wounds are not very deep though. She is out with my other hens currently and is taking a dirt bath. Is there anything else I should do? Also, why is her skin yellow near the puncture wound? Is it infected?
I currently don't have any pictures. But they yellow is really bright and her natural skin is peach. Also, she laid an egg earlier today. It looks like she has one bite mark and two talon marks. The yellow skin is near the back of her near the tail.
With puncture wounds you don't want them to close up too fast (form a scab) as they can get infected underneath. Can you flush wounds out with saline solution? How long ago was the attack?
Here is the picture of her yellow skin.


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